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A lot of people around the world are fascinated by blog writing but, a few of them realize that there is a great amount of earning potential in it. You can start earning from your blog as soon as people start looking at it and this is something which is not as big as a maths problem is to solve. The first thing which is of utmost importance here is the content itself, if you have no power in your content, no strategy will push your blog and make it famous. Content marketing company in India can provide the best content and help you gain genuine traffic because of its quality.

Talking about strategies, here are a few tips which will help you gain some good on your blog:

1.  CONTENT is the king

As we mentioned earlier in this blog that content is the key to traffic on your blog. You have to create good content in order to attract the audience towards it. Here are a few things you should keep in mind

Selection of topic

You will find it very much interesting and fun to write about a topic which you have an interest in but, have you thought about is your reader interested in that topic or not? Always try to write on topics that are trending and the world is interested in it. The best way to find that out is through google trends, BuzzSUMO or SEMRush, etc.

Make your writing piece different from others

Now, after the selection of a topic, you must be thinking that a lot of blogs are already existing on the internet and there is no secret to it. You can obviously not find topics that nobody has ever written about, the difference here is you have to make sure you write content that is different from others. Try to add some additional information or make the delivery of the content even more effective.

2.  Make your headlines super attractive

Whenever you see a blog post or any content online or offline, what is the first thing you do when you want to decide whether to read it further or not? You read the headlines and that is exactly why they should be attractive and crisp. Headlines are the first thing you read which decides whether this content will be of any use to you or not.

3. Try to add more visuals

Online reading is not like the one you read in print. These readings are far faster and have to be more engaging no matter what. People will read your content only when it looks attractive and that is exactly why using bright and pretty images might help in bringing more traffic to your blog.

4. Invite influential people to contribute to the blog

The best way to get traffic is by reaching out to a platform that already has a built-in audience. Influencers are the best way to do that. Just ask some of the influencers related to your niche who would like to collaborate with you and then when they mention you to their audience, Voila! You reach a thousand readers in just one second. Isn’t that great? Picking up influencers is something you have to do with some research from BuzzSumo, it might help you a lot.

5. Keep an eye on the trends and blast off content accordingly

Keeping an eye on what is new is something which will help you earn a lot of traffic. Writing blogs on trending topics that everyone is looking at will anyhow gain you readers but, you have to be sure that you write content in a different and unique way. After all, you have to stand different from the crowd right?

6. Improve the look of your blog

Making your blog look more attractive is something that will help you in a lot of ways. This will attract a lot of traffic as the thing your reader is looking at first is how your blog looks. Make sure to remove the obstructions from your blog which might take away the traffic you are generating.

7. Don’t make people wait

the most important thing about online reading is that people have no patience at all and they won’t wait. They have so many options to switch it and it won’t take much time to switch from one blog to another is buffering what is stopping them to even have a look at it. Trust me heavy loading is the most annoying thing your readers will ever want to face!

8. Concentrate on building an email list

The easiest way to increase readership is by moving out to them in a professional way. Email is a professional platform, where your audience will have a look on a daily basis. You can make them subscribe or collect email in a different way, trust me they are easy to get! Once you have an email list ready, start sharing your blogs whenever you post them!

This is just the beginning of how to gain traffic for a beginner blog post. There are a lot more things which are yet to be discovered by you so, keep on following us!

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